The All-In-One Management service of WebsitePanel has been developed to help out business by managing their entire hosting environment. The services are all community driven and that is why a company such as WebsitePanel can ensure clients the evolution of their platform based on the latest industry trends. One of our clients, a Dutch gambling-related platform requested the help of WebsitePanel to improve organization and the security structure of a webpage about Dead or Alive fruitautomaat informatie. The webpage attracts many Dutch online casino players and it became very important to implement updates and changes more uniformly to keep the website up and running. The webpage Dead or Alive fruitautomaat informatie allowed online visitors to manage their account with a simple access. The Dutch company was forced to increase their customer satisfaction by providing a better hosting infrastructure and reached out to WebsitePanel for assistance and technical tasks.

WebsitePanel guided the company with setting up customer accounts that are all implemented in this webpage. The accounts were manageable because of the control panel.
With the help of the Resellers guide and Solutions overview that are published on the website of WebsitePanel, the Dutch company was now able to find supported components for this particular kind of webpage. The solutions overview is divided in multiple categories such as logical architecture, the solution overview as a general topic and the provisioning concept. This allows companies to manage their own websites without being too dependent on customers support and backup. The distributed web-based application of WebsitePanel consist three components: portal, enterprise server and panel server. The three components are used to improve the infrastructure of the Dead or alive fruitautomaat informatie webpage. With this implementation, the website turned into a full up and running platform for online casino players. Most companies are not aware of the benefits of a powerful hosting infrastructure. WebsitePanel published many articles about the relevance of a powerful, flexible open source platform.

WebsitePanel is primarily focused on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, you will only find high value content on the website of WebsitePanel. On the website you will be able to find out more about who’s involved with the WebsitePanel project, besides this Dutch online gambling company. Are you ready to launch? With the help of the documentation that has been integrated in the website of WebsitePanel, you will find relevant details about how to start. This documentation will offer you information about system requirements, how to deploy and configure WebsitePanel and how to integrate API. The Reseller guide is more focused on how to create an account by an administrator or another reseller. This means that you will be able to learn more about hosting plans, customer accounts and hosting spaces. The users guide is divided in a table of contents, which includes topics such as domains, websites, hosted organizations and hosted SharePoint. Learn more about all the hosting possibilities on the platform of WebsitePanel in order to create and manage domains, websites, databases and other hosting resources.