Solutions Overview
Here you will find a detailed overview of WebsitePanel and its capabilities, supported components and service offerings.

System Requirements
Visit this page to check if WebsitePanel will work with your current configuration.

Deployment Guide
Here you will find all of the information necessary to deploy and configure WebsitePanel and its various components.

Resellers Guide
The Control Panel “Reseller” role is the middle tier of the roles hierarchy. A Reseller account can be created by an Administrator or another Reseller. The Reseller role includes all of the functionality of a User role, with the added ability to create hosting plans, customer accounts and hosting spaces based on hosting plans. Resellers are allowed to create customer accounts of two types: User and Reseller.

User’s Guide
Users can visit this area to get a better understanding of how to navigate WebsitePanel and utilize the available features.

Integration API
This section describes basic Control Panel Integration API that can be used in 3rd-party applications.