BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.x

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.x

Pre requisites

Pre requisite Description
Control Panel Server The server component of the control panel is required to be deployed on the black berry enterprise server.


The used AD Account requires to be member of the local Administrators group

Black Berry Enterprise Server The server that hosts the BES 5.0 application
BESUserAdminClient The BES User Admin Client tool to be installed on the BES server


Service Configuration

Active Directory Settings

No specific configuration required.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Settings

Select the following provider: “BlackBerry 5.0” from the “BlackBerry” group.

Category Item Information
Server Settings    
BESUserAdminClient.exe utility path Full Qualified local path to the BESUserAdminClient.exe utility with specification of the filename.
Authentication user name The username to be used by the server component to authenticated against BES environment in the format DOMAIN\<sAMAccountName>
Authentication password  
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Instance FQDN of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Instance