Deployment Steps – Enterprise Server

Deployment steps “enterprise server”

The following steps are required to deploy the enterprise server component. The enterprise server component will be deployed in principle on the same server as the portal.

Backup/Restore Temporary Folder

Enterprise Server uses backup temporary folder during backup and restore for intermediate file operations. To configure temporary backup folder perform the following steps:

  1. Using Windows Explorer create a new folder somewhere on the hard disk, e.g. c:\WSPBackupsTemp.
  2. Allow “write” NTFS permissions on that folder for ES application pool identity. The pool of WSP Enterprise Server works under “WSPEnterpriseServer” account, so this account should have “write” NTFS access to backups temporary folder.
  3. Ensure that within the System Settings the temporary backup folder is configured through the portal.

SMTP Server Settings

Specify correct SMTP server settings to allow the control panel send e-mail messages. Please, keep in mind that the application that sends e-mail messages is Enterprise Server, not Portal.

  • Server – IP or hostname of mail server.
  • Port – SMTP port to use. By default it is 25.
  • User and Password – if you have SMTP relays disabled on mail server you should specify username and password of the account that has rights to send e-mail messages.
  • Enable SSL – if your SMTP is configured to accept only SSL client connections, tick this checkbox