Hosted Organizations – Domain Controllers

Hosted Organizations – Domain Controllers

The server component on the domain controller will be responsible for the following services

  • System (domain)
  • Hosted Organization (ou and users)

Pre requisites

Pre requisite Description
Control Panel Server The server component of the control panel is required to be deployed on at least one Domain Controller. In case multiple Domain Controllers are available, an additional server component can be deployed and specified as redundant server within the server configuration. Important is that both server deployments do preferable use the same AD Account for their applications pools and require to have the same password defined for the communication with the enterprise server component


The used AD Account requires to be member of the Domain Admins group

File Server Hosting spaces are created on a high available remote file. As such the file server required to be up and running and have the Hosting spaces root shared as such with the following security settings:

Share Level: Everyone: Full Control

File System:

Administrators: Full Control

System: Full Control

NetworkService: Read


Service Configuration

Active Directory Settings

Item Information
Security Model Select Create Active Directory Accounts
Root Domain Specify over here the full qualified domain name of the domain where the user objects will reside in e.g.: hosting.local


OS Settings

Add the Service “OS” to the configuration using the Windows Server 2008 Provider, this is mandatory.

Category Item Information
Service Settings    
Hosting Spaces Folder UNC Path to your remote folder location


Hosting Organizations

Add the Service “Hosting Organizations” to the configuration using the Hosting Organizations Provider, this is mandatory.

Category Item Information
Service Settings    
Root OU This will be the OU where organization OUs will be created (e.g. Hosting) Object specific to the organization will be created within the organization OU.
Preferred Domain Controller This domain controller will be used for all active directory interaction during the provisioning processing.
Temporary Domain Name – Not used –