SharePoint Foundation Server 2010

SharePoint Foundation Server 2010

Pre requisites

Pre requisite Description
Control Panel Server The server component of the control panel is required to be deployed on the SharePoint webserver. In case multiple SharePoint webserver are available, an additional server component can be deployed and specified as redundant server within the server configuration. Important is that both server deployments do preferable use the same AD Account for their applications pools and require to have the same password defined for the communication with the enterprise server component


The used AD Account requires to be member of the local Administrator Group as well as dbo on the SharePoint configuration databases

SharePoint Webserver The server needs to be fully installed and configured. A single web application is required and the search service enabled and assigned to the content databases


If SSL will be used, ensure the web application is created and enabled for SSL. A wildcard certificate could be used as approach to the certificate burden. If a wildcard certificate is used the site names will be generated by the Control Panel

IP Address Ensure an IP Address is configured containing the external (load balanced) as well internal representation of the web application. The external IP address will be used for configuration of the external dns, the internal address will be used for configuration of the local hosts file to support the search service.


Service Configuration

Active Directory Settings

Item Information
Root Domain Specify over here the full qualified domain name of the domain where the user objects will reside in e.g.: hosting.local


SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 Settings

Select the following provider: “Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2010” from the “Hosted SharePoint” group.

Category Item Information
Server Settings    
SharePoint web application url Specify there the url of the web application e.g. https://SharePointApp:443
SharePoint web application IP The IP Address as configured earlier
Provisioning Local Hosts file This will enable the search service to resolve the hosted websites to crawl. The search services as such is required to run on the host where the server component is installed
Shared SSL Root When using a wildcard certificate specify here the external ssl root e.g.