SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012

Pre requisites

Pre requisite Description
Control Panel Server The server component of the control panel is required to be deployed on the sql server. In case of a cluster configuration, an additional server component can be deployed and specified as redundant server within the server configuration. Important is that both server deployments do preferable use the same AD Account for their applications pools and require to have the same password defined for the communication with the enterprise server component


The SQL Configuration must run in mixed security mode


The used AD Account requires to be member of the local Administrator Group as well as sysadmin within the sql server configuration


Service Configuration

Active Directory Settings

There is no specific configuration required

SQL Server 2012 Settings

Select the following provider: “Microsoft SQL Server 2012” from the “SQl Server 2012” group.

Category Item Information
Server Settings    
Internal Address Specification of the SQL Instance e.g. HSTDATA01\DATAHOSTING
External Address — Not used–
Connection Trusted (windows logon) or SQL (sql logon).
Database location Default or Customer
Database Collation  
Database Browser Logon URL — Not used–
Database Browser Logon Method — Not used–
Database Browser Logon Parameters — Not used–