Data Structures


bool htmlMail

string companyName

int userId

int ownerId

int roleId – ID of the user role to be created. The following roles available: 1 – Administrator, 2 – Reseller and 3 – User

int statusId – ID of the user status to be created. The following statuses available: 1 – Active, 2 – Suspended, 3 – Cancelled and 4 – Pending

DateTime created

DateTime changed

bool isPeer– specifies that created account is a peer for the user’s owner

bool isDemo – not Used

string comments

string username

string password

string firstName

string lastName

string email

string secondaryEmail

string address

string city

string country

string state

string zip

string primaryPhone

string secondaryPhone

string fax

string instantMessenger

bool ecommerceEnabled


int packageId

int userId

int parentPackageId

int statusId

int planId

int serverId

DateTime purchaseDate

string packageName

string packageComments

int domains

int diskSpace

int bandWidth

int domainsQuota

int diskSpaceQuota

int bandWidthQuota

bool overrideQuotas

HostingPlanGroupInfo[] groups

HostingPlanQuotaInfo[] quotas


int groupId

string groupName

bool enabled

bool calculateDiskSpace

bool calculateBandwidth


int quotaId

int quotaValue


int packageAddonId

int packageId

int planId

int quantity

int statusId

DateTime purchaseDate

string comments

String planName

string planDescription


int result

DataSet exceedingQuotas