Creating Customer a.k.a control panel user Accounts

User account is a control panel hosting customer. To see all your customers click “Customers” link in the left navigation menu of user home page:

To view the list of user accounts for a reseller, click “Customers” link on the left “User Account Menu”. The following screen will appear:

You could easily search user accounts by their username, e-mail, full name or company name using search filters on customers list screen or using global customer search located in portal header:

To create a new user click “Create User” button. The following screen will appear:

Specify username, password and other mandatory and optional account fields and then click “Create” button to finish the wizard. After account is created you will be redirected to the user home page:

Deleting User Account
To delete user account, click on the “Delete” link on the right pane. The following screen will appear:

Check the box to confirm and click “Delete” button. User and all hosting spaces and resources will be deleted.

Please note that system won’t allow you to delete user accounts that have child user accounts and will display corresponding message instead: