For each reseller certain policies can be customized for the specific reseller. The policies that are defined on system level can be inherited by the reseller policies . The following policies are available:

  • WebsitePanel Policy: This policy provides the ability to brand as well to apply a password policy
  • WEB Policy: This policy provides the ability to define customer landing or parking page as well as the default configuration setting for newly created sites
  • MS SQL Policy: Provides the ability to apply a password policy for SQL Accounts
  • Hosted Organizations Policy: Provides the ability to apply a user password policy
  • Virtual Private Servers Policy: Provides the ability to apply a password policy for VPS admin accounts

To customize portal logo click “Policies” link in the right “Settings” pane of reseller account home page:

Then click “WebsitePanel Policy” link to open control panel settings:

Select “Override Host Settings” from dropdown in the top of settings form.

In “Logo Image URL” specify absolute or relative URL to portal logo file.

In “User Guide URL” specify absolute or relative URL to file containing the user guide.

The “Demo Message” can be ignore, the Control Panel does not support a demonstration mode.

In “Account Password” section you could describe password complexity policy for customer account passwords.

Click “Save” button to save changes.

Email templates
Email templates define the message subject and body for emails generated by the provisioning platform. The template as such do contain variables which will be merged in with actual data upon the sending of the specific email.

The following email templates are available and are the only templates used by the Control Panel:

  • User Account Summary Letter: Summarized the hosting spaces and Hosting Add-ons procured by the user
  • Hosting Space Summary Letter: Provides a summary of current service offering with available and used resources
  • Password Reminder Letter: This templates is used to send the admin users email and password to a registered email address when the user indicates he has forgotten his password.
    • Control Panel uses Ader Template engine syntax to render all system templates. Please see this page for more information about template engine library and its complete syntax: http://www.adersoftware.com/index.cfm?page=templateEngine2
    • If you need to render # (sharp) symbol, for example HTML color value, it should be written as ## (double sharp), because # is reserved symbol in template engine.
    • All template engine processing tags (“ad:if”, “ad:foreach”, etc.) should be well-formed:
      • Have closing tag for each corresponding opening tag
      • All tag attributes should be surrounded with double quotes.
      • All tag names should be written in lower case.

Common Template Engine Notes
Example templates
You can download example templates here and complete/customize them for your environment.